Choose a Project

Every club does projects to improve their community. What project insires you?

The GFWC recognizes several broad topics for projects. All of the projects done by our Sutter District Clbs fit into one of these categories . When you become a member, you help identify needs in the community and create projects tailor-made to create change. Whether is is helping children, providing food to the homeless, or honoring our veterans, we work together to make a difference one project at a time.
  1. Advocates for Children
    Advocates for Children
    Members make care packages for children aging out of foster care services.
  2. Support Our Troops
    Support Our Troops
    Clubwomen host a free community picnic in honor of local veterans.
  3. Prevent Domestic Violence
    Prevent Domestic Violence
    Clubs raise money to support the local shelter home for domestic violence victims.
  4. Conservation
    Clubwomen take are of the local community garden and teach classes about composting to local youth.
  5. Promote the Arts
    Promote the Arts
    Members sew quilts.
  6. Legislation/Public Policy
    Legislation/Public Policy
    We keep on top of Legislation
  7. International Outreach
    International Outreach
    Operation Smile, Heifer International, Shot at Life
  8. Women's History
    Women's History
    History of GFWC includes The addition of white lines on highways, Mission Bells.
  9. Fundraising
    Fashion Shows, Bunco, Chili Cook Off, Car Show, Taste of Citrus Heights.
  10. Leadership
    Our Organization teaches Leadership to Women and Girls
  11. Education
    ESO, Hoby, We support all kinds of Education Programs