Meet The 2016-2018 Executive Board

Our GFWC Executive Board consists entirely of unpaid volunteers. They generously donate their time and energy to make sure that all of our local clubs stay connected to one another. Learn about our amazing team below...
  1. Kristy Hernandez
    1st Vice President In charge of all District projects and manager of District Chairmen.
  2. Kathleen Crane
    2nd Vice President Responsible for membership in all GFWC Sutter District Clubs.
  3. Darla Buechner
    President Our fearless leader, responsible for all clubs in the GFWC Sutter District.
  4. Joy Yun
    Treasurer Manages all GFWC Sutter District finances, creates and enforces annual budgets.
  5. Gail Remington
    Recording Secretary Takes the minutes at all meetings and makes a record of all motions and attendance at meetings.
  6. Priscilla Bolinder
    Parliamentarian Responsible for making sure meetings run in an orderly fashion and in accordance with parliamentary rules of procedure.

Attend Our Next Board Meeting

All of our GFWC Sutter District Board meetings are open for members to attend. There are 4 board meetings and a Convention for our district each year.
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