We Make A Difference
Help us improve local communities across Northern California
What is the GFWC Sutter District?

The General Federation of Women's Clubs is an international organization dedicated to communiy improvement by enhancing the lives of others through community service.  The Sutter District is a group of GFWC clubs that spans from Stockton up to Shasta in California.

Currently we have clubs with regular monthly meetings in Roseville, East Sacramento, North Sacramento, Citrus Heights, Placer Foothills, Auburn, Antelope, Orangevale and Clear Lake. New clubs can open in any community where a group of women get together to desire to make a change in their town.

Who Can Join?

The GFWC motto is "Unity in Diversity" and our Sutter District Clubs strive to put this motto into action. Our club members come from all walks of life. We embrace all ages, races, and orientations.  Our members are working moms, retirees, high schools students, and so much more.
How Much Does It Cost?

Unlike many charitable community organizations, GFWC Sutter District clubs don't rely on large donations from our members. All of our events are funded by the community, and we rely on our members for their contributions of time and effort much more than their pocketbooks. This makes club particiation attainable for all women regardless of income level. It is always completely free to attend a meeting to learn about your local GFWC club.

What Kind of Projects Do You Do?

The great thing about GFWC clubs is that their projects change yearly depending on the interests and passions of the members. We ask members to identify issues in their community and then work together to find solutions. If you are passionate about a project, your club members will work with you to see it realized. Examples of our projects are also listed in greater detail under our projects page.

When Is Your Next Event?

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